May 12, 2016



Why should I hire an Interior Designer?
As independent designers, we do not sell or represent a product; we sell our services. Therefore, we are knowledgeable about current trends and products. Our goal is to create designs with a focus on your needs, your wants and your wishes.  We want to make what you can dream in your mind, even BETTER in person!
How long does the process take?
There’s some lead-time required when ordering furniture and fabrics. Products can arrive as quickly as 2 weeks from order to 12+ weeks for custom products and designs.
  However because Altera Interiors strives to help you plan your new space you will be advised what time is required within the very early stage of the design process.
How does Altera Interiors work with clients to help them visualize their space?
Our clients have a huge amount of trust in our knowledge, however there are many tools that designers use to help clients visualize their space. Those tools are sketches, perspective drawings, color renderings, material boards & samples and a step-by-step consultation.

What do I need to know about your initial consultations? Is there a fee?

Our initial consultation is FREE. Once we have an overview of the scope of the job, we can determine which designer is a good fit. We can come to your home if that is helpful.

We are thinking of remodeling our house. When should we call an Interior Designer?

How does purchasing furniture, fabric, lighting fixtures, wall coverings, bathroom fixtures, appliances and tile benefit me when I purchase these items through an interior designer?
I find fixtures and materials of outstanding quality, only available to the trade, and that are truly unique as opposed to items offered through retail channels. My design resources become an excellent opportunity to explore the most creative design options possible for your home and business. In some cases discounts on products may be given depending on the scope of the individual project.
Is my project too small to need an Interior Designer?
No job is too small! We love to work with you whether it is a Art or furniture project to a full scale remodel.